Aloha Maui


Aloha Maui and good morning America.

Went out for a run early morning before the island really woke up. (Yes it’s easy to get up early when you’re jet lagged, and there is another three hours time difference from California…)

You can tell there is a triathlon competition in the hoods because some other people are out running and they are kind of faster and a little more fit than me. But I found out that if I wear a pair of ”one-size-to-big-2XU-tights” I can tuck in the parts around the stomach that are moving while running. And then just pull the shoulders back and pretend that I have well trained arms with a lot of muscles. Then I feel like the others out running ( just close my eyes when they pass me by in a very much higher speed)… Xterra Maui here I come! Another year…

Coming back the rest of the jet lagged family is also awake. Peter and I had decided to do some yoga in the morning before the kids woke up, but instead we’re joined by Filippa. We say she can swim in the pool while we’re exercising. After 2 minutes she comes crying because the pool guard got mad ”and showed her nine fingers”. After a while we understood the pool does not open until 9 o’clock. And I’m sure he thought we where some not so responsible parents only caring about our own stupid yoga. Peter said I could be his yoga instructor. So I closed my eyes and pretended I was like yoga girl (aka Rachel Brathen, known as always do yoga on her SUP or on the beach in Hawaii). I thought I was doing good, giving instructions about the breathing and doing everything slow. After about five minutes Peter says that tomorrow he wants to do it harder and faster and maybe to a YouTube video insted. Then he absolutely has to stand on his head, even though I tell him it’s totally ridiculous two days before his triathlon competition. He usually gets injured in very unnecessary ways, and this would definitely be one of those moments. But he makes it. I try to tell him that yoga is not at all about how tough and hard you practice. It’s about listening to your body, stretch, feel and breath. I’m quite sure he doesn’t really listen. And when he and Filippa goes back to the apartment for some breakfast I keep on enjoying being by myself by the ocean, practicing yoga in my own slow way.

Thinking about how much I like this weird and absolutely wonderful country. When I was out running everybody says good morning to each other. By the sidewalk I ran by a homeless man sitting with his belongings by the beach. He had found some construction workers clothes with a helmet he seemed to like. Of course he said good morning to me when I passed and then he yelled ” hope you’ll have a nice day ma’am!” Only in America. I think a part of me always is going to be an American girl. I wish.




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